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Sun, Apr. 22nd, 2007, 08:09 pm
happy political holidays

I got to sleep around 2am friday night after  finishing some corona with claire and had to wake up around
3:30 to go out to raleigh to smoke a bowl with claire's new friend for 4:20 am. fine. great. came back to my place and passed out for a little bit. I wake up to go to the melissa ferrick show with michael. amazing. as usual. his car broke down right outside of it, so i waited around with him for the tow  truck and then had to call a friend to come pick me up. Went to third place for the first time in months, saw some people. was great. convinced kate to let me come over and smoke her up so she would finally give me my stuff back.
GOT MY GLASSES BACK. super psyched[GED testing on friday, can't read board with out em]
and we got along! laughs and weed, and it was fine.

Brian had moved like 95% of his stuff back to his parents, and I could tell it  really hurt claire to see the  apartment so empty, most of the stuff in it was his.
So we smoked weed tell we passed out.
Woke up, helped her clean a little bit, found onea brian's old baggies. kept it.
Went to the flea market, ran into Niki, who is now apparently a carolina roller girl.
went and helped claire move some furniture  from her dad's[who gave me 10 dollars. super sweet]
then promptly spent my 'lunch money' on a portishead and des ark[loose lips sink ships] cd.

I eventualy found my way to Tessa's to see her and Tye aaaaand found a whole, clean, crisp 20 dollar bill on the sidewalk to put the iceing on a beautiful weekend! and then I murdered her with a cold dead fish.

Porter comes home tomorrow...